Media Reviews

Autocar August 2008

So violent and so instant is the reaction when you put you foot down, that it's actually quite difficult to describe! Without doubt the maddest car here.

Evo Magazine August 08

Needless to say the Brooke promises to be a serious player.

Octane Feb 2007

'intelligent design and clever simplicity, the future is in good hands'
Dale Drinnon

The Sunday Times Jan 14 2007

'It belongs in every collector's Garage'
Nicholas Rufford


'Already rubbing shoulders with the best of them'
Keith Wood

Topgear Magazine Dec 2006

'Fast, furious and frenetic, the Brooke Double R can rival both Caterham and Ariel'
Paul Walton

Telegragh Motoring Oct 21 2006

'missile-like acceleration combined with ease of operation and good ride comfort. Actually that's what we said about the Porsche 911 Turbo, which costs ?00.000. Discuss?
Mark Hales

EVO Magazine August 2006

"A deeply seductive experience and very impressive too" "The Brooke generated even more Lateral force than the Ariel and Caterham - almost 1.1g compared with 1.03 for the Atom and 1.01 for the CSR"
Henry Catchpole

FIFTH GEAR Channel 5 10 July 2006

"If your in the market to buy a Caterham then yes I can recommend the Brooke Double R" "A great track car with phenomenal grip, great acceleration, it corners well, its fast, its furious"
Jason Plato