October 2009 More Traction Available!!

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering fully programmable traction control for all Brookes produced since 2006, and it is also available as an option on all new build cars. The system offers adjustable slip levels and also wet and dry settings.

This system has been installed on our 400bhp demo car and now allows the driver to exploit the full potential of this hugely fast car. This is a great confidence boost whilst familiarising yourself with the performance of our Veyron buster.

The system can of course be turned off, leaving the driver to decide what style of driving best suits his mood.

September 2009 Gleaming Aluminium Car delivered to proud owner

During August we delivered to a UK customer the first hand wheeled aluminium bodied car built by Brooke Cars.


None of us were quite sure how the car would look in the flesh and we all had to be patient during the four months it took for our skilled aluminium fabricator to build this beautiful bodywork by hand and eye using vintage techniques from a bygone era.

The results are a truly stunning looking vehicle, there are more images of the car in our gallery.

This impressive car is a fantastic blend of classic car building techniques combined with the latest derivative of our 400 bhp supercharged Duratec.


August 2009 400BHP Now Available Can You Handle It?

Brooke Cars have recently finished our engine development programme on a revised version of our supercharged engine. The latest version of this engine is producing a maximum of 400bhp@7400rpm with a peak torque figure of 290ftlbs @ 6250rpm.

This engine installation moves the Brooke into a new league of hyper-cars. The smooth power delivery makes it very useable and gives the car acceleration that is hard to comprehend as the scenery flashes by.

The new Brooke 400 Double R is available to order now from ?4,995 Inc Vat OTR.